Fabrication, Design and Automation

Combination tray erector and patty pan denester unit with integrated bakery rack tray unloader

New machinery Design and Fabrication

We  offer bespoke custom machines to suit your product or process.  Our aim is to offer machines that suit your product, saving costly modifications required on off the shelf machines.

We take the initial concept and produce 3D working models that can be viewed and tested in the computer.  This enables you to see exactly what your machine or part will look like and how it fits into your factory space before a single part has been made. 

Some of the machines we design and manufacture are:

  • Metal Detectors with automatic reject units
  • tray denesters
  • patty pan and tulip cup denesters
  • cardboard tray erectors
  • rum ball and protein ball extruders and rounders
  • lamington slicing, coating, crumbing and cooling lines
  • Beekeeping uncapping machines, frame auto-loaders and deboxers 

If you have a specific machine you require contact us and we can design a solution for you.

Bring your ideas to life

If you have a drawing on a piece of paper or just an idea, we can turn those into the life like 3D models and photo realistic pictures  for you to evaluate.  We can then produce drawings for manufacturing and fabrication

For Fabricators

Our solid models and sheet metal parts are easily converted  to files that can be used by machinists or sheet metal fabricators to cut and fold.  We can also assemble the parts in the computer so you can check for tolerances and fit. This takes away the errors that can occur with hand drawn sketches. Once happy we can supply solid models, renders or 2D drawings. 

Rapid Prototyping

We can design your parts and 3D print them so you can see and feel them before any expensive machining has been performed.  This eliminates costly mistakes by finding out if a part is suitable before traditional machining is performed. Any required modifications are quick and simple which shortens the time to market

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Every model and design can be supplied with a detailed BOM so you can keep track of what parts and how many are used.  This is great tool for costing designs but also for spare parts allocation.

Convert from 2D to 3D

If you have older drawings in 2D only, we can convert those into working 3D solid models.