Our Services


We fabricate parts and complete machines  to match your specifications and budget.  

If you have a piece of machinery that is not quite right for the job, we can modify it to suit the new process.  This save purchasing new equipment, saving your company time and money. 

We also 3D print prototypes to provide  proof of concept


Using Autodesk Inventor 3D and 2D CAD software  we can design components, machines and factories and product photo realistic renders for proof of concept or 2D drawings for manufacturing. 


We work closely with you to investigate your product and process requirements to find the right solutions for your business,  whether it be new equipment, or modifying and improving current machinery or production lines


We install and commission plant and equipment or work along side your team to assist them

Repair and Maintain

We  repair, maintain or recondition your plant and equipment to ensure optimal performance.  

Some of the machines we service include mixers, flow wrappers, case packers, ovens, check weighers, metal detectors, denesters, honey uncappers and extractors. 


We can assist any time to get your business back up and running and offer 24/7 support